We have experience with WSIB, WSIAT, CPP Disability, Social Security Tribunal (previously OCRT & PAB), ODSP and Social Benefits Tribunal for close to two decades. Our very high success rate has helped us grow rapidly over this time with our main clientele coming from word of mouth.


Here are some of our client

"Sorry for My English. Do you belive in fairy tale? When you really suffer in pain and hopeless and a fairy appear and give you some wishes. I do belived in that since in meet Derry Rangin . The lovely lady and her team FIGHT for me with all thier heart , energy and experiences. Derry treats everyone not a regular customer but family members. I would like to thanks Derry Rangin and her team for bring me more hopes and brighter future. Derry Rangin have give me more than I expect. Thanks very much."
"I found Derry to be more knowledgeable and thorough than other representatives looking after my case. She was very patient and would take the time to explain the process to me and my wife so that we were well informed at every step of the process. We could see that she really cared. I really appreciated that she would always reply to our emails in a timely manner however small the question was. I truly lost hope that no one was going to be able to help me fight for my rights until I met Derry - she saved my life."
"I can honestly say Derry Rangin and her team are truly dedicated to helping the average person defend what is their rights. My husband suffered a back injury at the age of 32. We had no idea of his rights as a worker, so he did what his doctors, employer, and WSIB told him to do. We met Derry and our life changed that day. No longer was my husband just another statistic of the injured in the work force. He was a worker with rights. We had exceptional circumstances surrounding my husbands case, but never once did Derry or her team let us down. It took 5 years but she did what she had promised in the beginning and won. We still communicate with her office when the need arises and she is still available to help us with our concerns. My husband has always been treated with dignity and respect. He isn't just a statistic in the office of Derry Rangin he is a family man with the best team in his corner."
"Derry Rangin represented my 80 year old father for his Permanent Disability and FEL awards retroactively to 1995. We were refused by several lawyers saying they cannot help us with my father’s claim. Derry Rangin took my father’s claim and got him a very good Pension award retroactively. The Board was also deducting 100% of his CPP Disability award from his PD Pension. Derry Rangin also made the Board pay back half his CPP Disability award retroactively that was deducted. Derry Rangin initially represented me at the WSIB and WSIAT levels for my very complicated WSIB claim. She re-opened my claim after the R2 lock-in and got all my retroactive payments. Derry Rangin did the impossible for my father and me. I have no words to thank her; all I can say is she is the very best; she puts herself in our position and does not leave any stone unturned. Thank you Derry."
- TOM R. and ENRICO R.
"I feel so fortunate to have you as my CPP Disability representative. I thank you for all that you have done for me."
"Just a little something to say “thank you” for all your help with my CPP Disability"
"Thank You” just doesn’t seem enough for all your help … but your hard work, persistence and faith is appreciated beyond words. Thanks for everything you did to make my very difficult WSIB file a success at the WSIAT level."
"Please accept this token of appreciation for the great job you did on my behalf. I congratulate you and your staff for the professional manner in which you handled my CPP Disability case. Keep up your good work and I hope you keep enjoying what you do. God Bless."
"Just wanted to say thank you for your help with my CPP File."
"Thank you for your effort and professionalism."
"I’m Normand’s mother. I want to thank you for the help you did to my son Normand. He was very satisfied. I pray for him and you every night."
"Thank you for all your help. Your professionalism helped me when so many turned me down. Thank you."
"Thank you so much. You were a blessing in my life. God Bless You."
"Thank you for everything you did to get my difficult WSIB file approved."
"To the D & R Disability Staff: I appreciate immensely all the effort and professionalism you put into my CPP Disability File. Thank you."
"You made it look so easy. Thank you for all the work you put into my WSIB file to make the impossible happen."
“Dear Raheleh. Hi, Ms. Raheleh, I Marcin B. Writing this letter to you, because when you called me to notify me that CPP is approved, I really didn’t know what to say and how should I thank you as my representative. I never expected, never thought that we’ll get this results and you just saved my life on that morning. So, once again thank you very much. God bless you.”
- Mr. Marcin B.
“Thank you D&R for all your help. While W.S.I.B. treats people who are injured as Liars and second class citizens Derry and Sabrina have treated me like someone who deserved help. They have always answered my questions and always replied to my emails It’s been a long 3 year battle but I do feel confident in your knowledge and the personal care you both have given me. I can't wait till this is all behind me, like waking up to a bad daydream. Thank you again.”
-Peter M.
"Thank you is not enough to express to you, for all your hard work you put into my WSIB & WSIAT files. If it wasn’t for you this would not be possible. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we will never forget the friendship that we have developed."
"We would like to express our sincere thanks for your time and commitment. You have been very helpful both on an emotional level as well as on a professional level, guiding us through this difficult time in our lives with our WSIB & WSIAT files. "