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Our office provides a complete range of documents notarization, certification, and commissioner of oaths services at affordable rates.

It is always advisable to seek legal representation that specializes in claims for the injured worker to help you navigate all the benefits you may be entitled to.

Let us take over the stress of your claim so you can concentrate on healing.

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If you are injured at work or become ill for any reason related to your job, you must report the injury to your doctor and to the WSIB. There are several different types of injuries and ...



If you work long enough at a job which contributes to the Canada Pension Plan, and become disabled for any reason, you are probably eligible for CPP disability benefits.



Determining your eligibility for this support program can be a daunting task. Our experienced ODSP legal representatives or lawyers can quickly and accurately assess your situation to ...



The WSIB legal expert representatives at D&R Disability Legal Services not only specialize in WSIB claims & appeals, but we also have a very high success rate with WSIAT appeals.



Our CPP disability legal representatives will be able to prepare your CPP disability appeal and present your case to the Social Security Tribunal in the best possible way.



The Social Benefits Tribunal makes decisions on ODSP appeals. If your ODSP application has been denied, we can assist you in presenting the best case possible at this level.


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Why D & R Disability

At D&R Disability we have over 20 years experience with disability claims at WSIB, CPP, and ODSP. We strive to meet all of your expectations and deliver results that improve the quality of our clients’ lives.

All of our representatives at D&R Disability are licensed under the Law Society of Ontario and as such we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of our profession.

Focused on Results

During our free consultation we will provide a comprehensive and realistic analysis of the nature of your claim and explain the advantages of registering with our company. We will outline the process and the expected timeline involved with your claim. We will be prepared and available to you at every stage.

Proven Track Record

D&R Disability has a proven and high success rate with all claims associated with WSIB, ODSP and CPP as well as all respective levels of appeal. This success translates into a large measure of personal referrals which is the highest compliment we can receive.

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