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Resolve Your Disability Case with Confidence

Are you recently disabled and confused about which government support program you qualify for?

Disability Claim Challenges

Are you, or someone in your family, sick with Pandemic and is that impacting your ability to work?

Denied Disability Claim

Have you had a disability claim denied even though you meet the qualification criteria?

Past Claims

Were you disabled in the past and still don’t know whether you were properly compensated at the time? Would you like to know your options?

Stress & Mental Health

Do you feel stressed and unable to work, but it’s unclear how you will support yourself so you just keep working?

Navigating the System

Are you intimidated by how complicated it is to make a disability claim in Ontario?

Your Rights & Eligibility

Are you having trouble understanding your rights and eligibility when it comes to disability claims or appeals?

30-Min Free Case Evaluation

If you have questions about whether you qualify for disability compensation, how much compensation you should expect, how to figure out the system, how to challenge a denied claim or anything else related to your disability, call us for a free half-hour consultation.
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Our experienced and understanding team is ready to help you with your disability claims. D&R Disability specializes in helping only WSIB injured workers and disability benefits under CPP and ODSP.
We do not represent employers or insurance companies.
We listen to you, inform and educate you so that you gain a full understanding of your claim.
Most importantly, we have a track record of success in getting our clients the benefits they deserve.